Final construction begins on Zermatt-Furi cable car

The Easter holidays are over and construction around the Schluhmatte valley station will resume. This is the final construction summer before the new cable car fromZermatt to Furi starts operating in the autumn of 2023, and the valley station building will be completed.

The Cable Car

While the Matterhorn-Express continues to run diligently, the new cable car from Zermatt to Furi is being built next door, which will begin operating in the autumn of 2023. The modern cabins can accommodate up to 100 people and, thanks to their modern design with large glass fronts, provide a perfect view of the Matterhorn.

During the ride over the end of Zermatt village, there are two special highlights. Firstly, immediately after the valley station, there is support number one, which will be constructed in the shape of a magnifying glass.

Depending on the viewing angle, the cabins will pass through the magnifying glass support with the Matterhorn in focus, creating a fascinating image. Furthermore, it will be possible to take the Rooftop-Ride during the trip. As the name suggests, guests can enjoy the view from the roof of the cabin with fresh air in their faces.

The Valley Station

With the new cable car project from Zermatt to Furi, a new building is also being constructed at the Schluhmatte valley station towards the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. The new building provides ample space for optimal guest flow, modern ticket counters, and relief for the road.

The beautiful architecture with a light shaft in the middle of the building combines contemporary flair with high functionality and sustainability in the Minergie-P standard. Additionally, spacious rooms for ski lockers will be available for convenient storage of ski equipment. Also, a modern baggage counter will be created at the beginning of 2024, where guests of the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing can conveniently check-in their luggage, similar to an airport, to start the cable car journey to Italy with only carry-on luggage.

The Next Construction Phase

To complete the cable car and valley station building on time, construction will resume in mid-April 2023. Concrete work on support number one will begin, and it will be installed during May and June 2023. Simultaneously, construction work at the Schluhmatte valley station will begin and continue throughout the summer of 2023. Work is also being done at the mountain station, where construction work will be completed by June 2023.

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