Zermatt has been named the best ski resort in the world

If you’re heading off to the slopes this winter, Zermatt in Switzerland has been named the best ski resort in the world.

Travel experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have analysed the most popular ski resorts in twelve countries around the globe to rank them based on what makes a good skiing retreat.

The best winter resorts have plentiful ski lifts and slopes, high elevations, lots of snowfall, cheap day ticket prices and were ranked well by holidaymakers.

Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland has been named the best winter sports retreat in the world, with the most ski lifts. It also fared well with the highest number of slopes and the best elevation for skiers..

Livigno resort in Italy ranks in second place with over 50 km of ski slopes at a maximum elevation of 2,798 metres.

Ranking third is Flachau in Austria, which despite having just 88 cm of snowfall, has over 120 km of slopes with 45 lifts and is rated a 4.5 out of five by skiers.

The resort with the most expensive day ticket was Heavenly ski resort in California at €208.25. It still ranks in sixth position with 27 ski lifts, 94 km of slopes and over 3,000 metres at the highest point.

The ski resort with the least amount of annual snowfall is Sierra Nevada in Spain, with just 8 cm – but ranks in seventh place overall with an elevation of 3,300 metres and one of the cheapest ticket prices at €57.

Lake Louise in Canada has the most snowfall each year – with 465 cm in the 2022/23 period. The resort is also rated 4.2 out of five by those who ski there.

The winter sports retreat with the lowest elevation is Ruka ski resort in Finland (492 metres), with almost 60cm of total annual snowfall.

Scotland’s Glencoe Mountain resort ranks in twelfth place despite being the most affordable across the index – charging €43.07 for an adult day ticket. The resort has the lowest number of lifts (9).

Just five out of the twelve ski resorts on the index have a total snowfall that reaches over 200 cm –  Zermatt, Lake Louise, Are, Hemsedal and Chamonix.

John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental.com said: “We’ve analysed twelve popular resorts from across the world by looking at factors important to skiers – including ski lifts, slopes, ticket prices, elevation, snowfall and visitor ratings.

“The research allowed us to reveal which ski resort is best in the world for those wanting to get away on a winter sports holiday.

“We’ve found that Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland is the best winter retreat for holidaymakers, with the highest number of lifts, ski slopes and elevation.

“Livigno resort in Italy and Flachau in Austria both make the top three in the ranking with both having over 115 km of ski slopes.

“Despite ranking in twelfth position, Glencoe Mountain ski resort in Scotland is the most cost-friendly retreat.

“Those planning a skiing holiday should consider visiting some of the top resorts across the world for the best winter activity experience possible.”

Rank Country Ski Resort Ski Lifts Ski Routes Ticket Price (€) Elevation (metres) Annual snowfall(cm) Rating (out of 5) Total score
1 Switzerland Zermatt 51 322 109.08 3,899 279 4.5 60
2 Italy Livigno 32 115 63.50 2,798 158 4.3 50
3 Austria Flachau 45 120.10 73.50 1,980 88 4.5 48
4 Canada Lake Louise 11 139 78.49 2,637 465 4.2 45
5 Sweden Are 35 91 59.36 1,274 214 4.2 44
6 USA Heavenly 27 94 208.35 3,060 102 4.1 40
7 Spain Sierra Nevada 24 112.5 57.00 3,300 8 3.7 39
8 Norway Hemsedal 21 44.10 55.62 1,450 272 4 37
9 France Chamonix 17 56 67.00 2,525 353 3.7 35
10 Germany Winterberg 24 27.5 48.00 820 84 3.3 29
11 Finland Ruka 22 19.1 52.00 492 58 4 26
12 Scotland Glencoe Mountain 9 24.3 43.07 1,070 47 2.9 21


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