Dalbello presents new CABRIO MV and MV Free boots

Following the successful launch of its Cabrio ski boot line-up last year, Dalbello is expanding the collection with two more innovative product lines for the 2024/25 season.

The new all-mountain, freeride-oriented Cabrio MV and the freetouring focused Cabrio MV Free models are aimed at skiers who value performance and perfect fit. The ten new Cabrio MV and the three new Cabrio MV Free models are just like the LV (“Low Volume”) members of the Cabrio family, other than they have a wider last and thus the MV – “Medium Volume” – moniker. With these additions the Italian ski boot manufacturer is the “Home of Cabrio”.

With the expansion of the Cabrio product line, Dalbello now caters to wider range of skiers who embody the spirit of life in the mountains. These adventurers revel in the excitement of progressive lines, knowing that fit is the crucial element for a truly fulfilling day on the slopes and in the backcountry.

To accommodate the fit needs of more skiers, the Italian ski boot specialist has given the new Cabrio models a wider last at 101 mm – perfect for those who prefer a roomier fit or have wider feet in general. The foundation for these boots lies in Dalbello’s Cabrio construction. Thanks to its three-piece design, consisting of the shell, cuff, and external kinetic tongue, this construction offers a consistent flex, progressive power transmission, smooth shock absorption, and exceptional lateral and heel support. To enhance performance, a range of innovative features complement this groundbreaking design.

Cabrio MV

The new Cabrio MV is the successor to the Panterra and bridges the gap between performance and fit. This progressive boot is available in ten versions, offering a variety of choices. For women, there are four models with flex ranging from 95 to 75.  For men there are six boots with flex ranging from 130 to 90. This range of flexes ensures that there is a perfect option for every level of skier.

The inner liner

At the heart of the top Cabrio MV models is the thoughtfully designed 3 Density Wrap (3DWrap) liner. The liner features three distinct layers that seamlessly combine efficient power transmission and exceptional feel with excellent fit. The outermost layer’s PuRE technology, comprised of recycled polyurethane reinforcement, establishes contact with the shell and delivers steering impulses directly and efficiently. A firmer middle layer provides additional support and stability to the structure, while a soft inner layer provides comfortable feel. These thermoformable liners can be heated at home in just four minutes to provide the most discerning foot with a custom-tailored fit. Following Dalbello’s commitment to sustainability all the liners are PVC-free, and the exterior layer of the five high-end models is made from recycled materials.

Innovation down to the last detail

Supporting the fit, comfort, and handling of the Cabrio MV are a range of additional innovative features, such as the ability to adjust its forward lean (12° or 14°) through an insert in the upper heel area. Additionally, the tongue profile seamlessly integrates into the shell, ensuring optimized ergonomics and more rebound. Thanks to the efficient Dalbello proprietary closure system, exit and entry into the boot is intuitive and easy. An independently functioning Dynalink buckle at the ankle is coaxially aligned with the pivot point and positioned 10 mm lower than on the Panterra, optimizing heel placement. The Dynalink buckle also features Dynalock which further secures the closure while providing easy single finger buckle release.  Additionally, stability is enhanced by a Dalbello Powerband, a dynamic elastic shin strap with an easy release hook and integrated micro adjustable cam buckle, that reduce shin bang while improving power transmission.

Cabrio MV Free

Dalbello introduces the new Cabrio MV Free for freetouring enthusiasts who enjoy the ascent almost as much as the descent, while prioritizing comfort throughout. These models, based on the Cabrio platform, also features a wider 101 mm last and comes in three versions – two men’s and one women’s – with flex ratings ranging from 120 to 95. In addition to the innovative features of the Cabrio line, all of which are present in the MV Free, Dalbello has equipped the boot with some additional functions specifically tailored for touring performance.

First comes the ascent

The Cabrio MV Free comes with the Dalbello IF HIKE PRO liner, which, like the 3DWrap, is equipped with PuRE technology and performs both uphill and downhill. The specialized “bi-injected” tongue has softer plastic at key points so it bends naturally while walking, which is matched by correspondingly thinner tongue ribs. The Ski-Walk Mechanism on the Cabrio MV Free adapts to the cuff’s inclination thanks to a curved interaction surface that automatically adjusts to lateral tilt. The ability to customize forward lean in the MV Free brings an additional advantage: a seamless transition from ski to hike mode, regardless of size.

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