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Recently I caught up with Cara Brown, British Ski Champion and friend of Winter Insight, to talk through some of her top product reviews.

Cara is multiple GB Ski Champion & competed at the highest level for many years.

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Cara Brown, British Ski Champion

Read on to see her recommendation for Dalbello DRS WC H Ski Boots

Dalbello DRS WC H

The Dalbello DRS WC H are the perfect boots to go with the skis!

Your boot is what connects you to your skis, so there’s no point having the right skis if you haven’t got the right boots to make the connection.

My feet have been completely crammed into race boots for the last 10 years, so finding something a little more spacious that still reacts like a race boot has been awesome.

The removable rear cuff spoiler in the Dalbello boots means I can save my calf from cramping all day.

I’ve also modified a few other things, using my own footbeds gives me a more comfortable fit and the boot also allow you the change out the tongue in the liner for a better fit and feel when you’re skiing.

The boots come in a range of 5 different flexes. I always used to think that stiffer was better, but over the years I’ve learnt that the best thing to do is go up in stiffness and stop as soon as you find a boot which reacts when you push into it. There’s no point having a boot which is too stiff, you’ll just get less out of your ski and enjoy yourself less! 

Cara Brown is a professional Ski Racer & now coach. More information about Cara & her career can be found HERE

For more information visit DALBELLO’S Home Page

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