Chasing the Light Expedition | A scientific crossing of Antarctica

Justin Packshaw is about to lead an 80 day expedition to kite-ski across 2,500 miles of Antarctica via the ‘Pole of Inaccessibility’ and the ‘South Pole’.

They will be a team of two so it is going to be a proper old-school adventure, long in duration and unsupported – linking extreme ‘human endeavor’, ‘science’ and cutting edge ‘technology’ together. The expedition is focusing on research/science alongside showcasing sustainability. They are working with the NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Snyder Lab at Stanford University and the Laboratory for Autonomy-Brain Exchange at the University of Central Florida. The expedition is due to start on 8th November 2021 and can be tracked on

Marker, Dalbello and Volkl are very proud to be partnered with Justin Packshaw and the Chasing the Light Expedition.

“It has been fantastic working with David and the whole team at MDV throughout the build-up to this expedition and it is equally reassuring knowing that we will be using Dalbello boots, Volkl ski’s and Marker bindings throughout the 80 days that we will be crossing Antarctica. They could not have been more helpful, diligent and resourceful throughout. A project like this focuses the mind and demands the very best of everything and MDV have certainly stepped up to the plate in achieving that, so a very big thank you for that.” 

Justin Packshaw, Expedition Coordinator & Leader

Tord Nilson from Iconic Agency, representing MDV sports caught up with Justin for a short video interview below, check it out.

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