Originally developed in 1995, the iconic purple XR9 has been reimagined as the new, limited-edition RX XR9 boot to celebrate Lange’s storied past. Available only to Lange’s key athletes, ambassadors, and the most passionate fans of the brand, the new 140 flex boot showcases our Dual Core technology in the pinnacle of modern performance and a throwback to our historic past.


The Fit of the boot (or last) is the width of the foot measured at the 5th metatarsal (widest part of the forefoot). It determines the level of control and precision of the skier. For a good ratio between comfort and control, choose a boot that matches the overall volume and length of your foot. Fit between 92-95 mm: Narrow, Fit between 97-99 mm: Medium, Fit between 100-102 mm: Comfort


The “flex” of a boot indicates the level of support that boot will deliver. The greater (stiffer) the flex index, the more rigid and reactive the boot will be. The lesser (softer) the flex index, the more tolerant and comfortable.


Choose the boots which offers the best ratio between comfort and performance. For a beginner skier, we recommend a flexible flex (<80) and for an expert skier we recommend a higher flex (>90).

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