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One of our features at Winter Insight is ‘Chatting Shop’ with winter retailers to get a better insight into the business & give you some inside information.

Promoting specialist retailers & their services to support the industry is one of our goals at Winter Insight. We hope you find these insights help you know the people & businesses better & support.

The Ski Exchange, Cambridge, UK

The Ski Exchange,, is a specialist Ski & Snowboard store based just outside of Cambridge. Simon, manager & owner, has been at the store since he was 18 with a few Ski Seasons thrown in over the years. Accompanied by Andrew Davies (Aka Mave/Mavis in the Industry) who now works full time at The Ski Exchange after selling his family business in Swansea, Mike Davies Leisure.

I caught up with the guys to get an inside to the guys behind the store & talk products, the upcoming season, Covid-19 impact & more. Many retailers I consider friends & these guys I’ve know personally very well, hence the guys agreed to be the first pilot of our ‘Chatting Shop’ feature & we’d welcome your feedback.

For more information on their sponsored GB Freestyle Ski athlete Justin Taylor-Tipton (JTT) – Click Here.

Feel free to check out their new website here or follow them on Facebook.

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