Five-man World Cup squad to lead expanded British Cross Country Group

GB Snowsport has named a five-man World Cup team as part of a 20-athlete cross-country squad for the upcoming 2024/25 season.

The World Cup Squad group, who will compete again under the Team Aker Daehlie banner, sees Gabriel Gledhill promoted from last season’s Continental Cup Squad, joining James Clugnet, Joe Davies, Andrew Musgrave, and Andrew Young.

With last season delivering some excellent results, including Andrew Musgrave’s Trondheim Skiathlon World Cup Silver medal, a performance which matched the best ever British Cross-Country World Cup finish, the team go into the new season in strong shape, with Gledhill’s elevation to the team confirming Britain’s largest Squad grouping in years.

The Continental Cup Squad sees two new athletes join the team for the first time, with Gangwon Youth Olympic Games team member Thomas Duncan joining the set-up at just 16 years old, and Catherine Stow moving from the American system to compete as part of the British set-up. Duncan and Stow are joined by Cameron Cruickshank and James Slimon, both promoted from the Performance Squad, and Beinn Horsfall and Tabitha Williams, both of whom will be invited to train with the World Cup Squad as part of their long-term development plan.

Logan Duncan and Hamish Wolfe make up the 2024/25 Performance Squad, while the Junior Squad names Elke Hammerstein alongside six new athletes, Gangwon Youth Olympic Winter Games team members Elspeth Cruickshank and Sophie Forth, with Jakob Ipsen, Rasmus Ipsen, Ewan McAdam, and Jack Somerset also joining the ranks.

Sophia Wilson, meanwhile, achieved selection to the Performance Squad but has elected not to take up her place this season owing to an on-going injury.




James Clugnet

Joe Davies

Gabriel Gledhill*

Andrew Musgrave

Andrew Young



Cameron Cruickshank**

Thomas Duncan

Beinn Horsfall

James Slimon**

Catherine Stow 

Tabitha Williams



Logan Duncan

Hamish Wolfe



Elspeth Cruickshank

Sophie Forth

Elke Hammerstein

Jakob Ipsen

Rasmus Ipsen

Ewan McAdam

Jack Somerset

* Promoted from Continental Cup Squad

** Promoted from Performance Squad

† New selection

‡ Invited to train with World Cup Squad


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