Head KID LYT VELCRO Junior Snowboard Boot

The KID LYT VELCRO is a light junior snowboard boot with velcro strap closing. No liner for easy access and two footbeds to assure the boot fits multiple seasons.

With a true snowboard profile, velcro fastening, a super mellow flex, and premium comfort and warmth there is no better boot than the KID LYT VELCRO for getting groms hooked on riding.

The boot also comes with a two-size footbed so the boot grows with a kid to save parents cash.


Easy and intuitive to use, the Velcro Lacing can be used by little riders without any hassle.


The lightest kid boot sole we ever developed. The high amount of studs offer a premium grip in almost any condition while the raised toe protects the front of the boot from wear when kids are playing.


Lighter products help to you to enjoy yourself longer on snow. By focusing on the essentials, we are able to provide you with gear, which is light in weight but extraordinary in terms of performance and design.


The Comfort Cuff delivers added flex on the medial side of the boot for added comfort and more natural flex.

LINERLESSLinerless boots are the most easy way to get young kids in and out of a snowboard boot. All padding is integrated into the shell so you don’t need to worry when putting on the boots for youngsters.

2 SIZE FOOTBEDThe 2 Size Footbed enables a boot to grow with kids. Fit, comfort and budget are all considerations when buying kids gear. So making a boot that adapts to growing kids makes sense all around.


very forgiving flex for the kids


For rookies and easy riders.

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