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Summer Cowfight 2023: The Coronation of the Queen of the Glaciers

After an exciting day full of excitement and impressive fights, on August 6, 2023, the new “Queen of theGlaciers” was crowned in the summer cow fight in the natural arena Wolfsgrube in Saas-Fee.

The long-awaited spectacle took place in front of an enthusiastic 3,000 spectators.

Fourteen years after the last cow fight, the glacier village of Saas-Fee offered its guests an unforgettable experience. Around 60 proud cows competed in the Wolfsgrube natural arena to get the coveted crown.

The festivities began on Saturday with a grandiose welcome party on the village square in Saas-Fee, accompanied by rousing musical entertainment. The anticipation of the actual highlight of the weekend, the summer cow fight, was palpable.

From 10 a.m. on Sunday the fights in the 3 categories cows, first milking and cattle in the wolf’s pit began and the spectators cheered with every round as the majestic cows demonstrated their courage and strength. Finally , the Cariba by Chantal Anthamatten from Turtmann prevailed in the cattle category . In the first milking category, Canitra by Andenmatten Jwan from Saas-Balen won. Turbo from the Anton Williner-Schwery family from Visp won the cows.

Stefan Zurbriggen, President of the Organization Committee and Mayor of Saas-Fee, said: “It is an honour for the municipality of Saas-Fee and the entire Saas Valley to have hosted this important event. The support of the sponsors, the The population and the local partners were exemplary from the start. We are proud of the Stealing Festival and are delighted with the success of this year’s summer cow fight.”

The proceeds from the impressive event will flow into the renovation and completion of the bisses as well as into the alpine huts and stables in Saas-Fee in order to further strengthen and preserve the region.

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