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blackcrows unveils Ghost Resorts Chapter 3: Japan

blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high-performance ski products and apparel, presents the premiere of their latest film installment, Ghost Resorts Chapter 3: Japan, along with the release of a Ghost Resort Limited Edition Capsule.

This cinematic journey explores the deserted infrastructures and captivating landscapes of Japan’s Kansai region, showcasing the exceptional talents of crows Celeste Pomerantz and Daisuke Fukasawa, directed by the visionaries at Sweetgrass Production and produced by blackcrows’ own Camille Jaccoux. 

“For blackcrows the Ghost Resorts series is an exploration of the ski culture, of a heritage, a golden age, those places where there was life, that have closed, but where skiing still remains,” said Camille Jaccoux, co-founder, blackcrows.

The film captures the essence of Japan’s skiing culture, taking viewers on a mesmerizing journey through slopes frozen in the 1990s, now eerily deserted. Against the backdrop of the Kansai mountains on the main island of Honshu, Celeste and Daisuke revel in the exceptional powder, once again establishing Japan as a premier skiing destination.

The cinematic experience is heightened by the contrast between archive images and the newfound silence of the mountains, creating a poignant narrative of romantic nostalgia and mystery.

The Ghost Resort Limited Edition Capsule, a collection inspired by the Ghost Resorts film series, embodies the spirit of this cinematic adventure. The capsule features unique designs reflecting the delicate yet powerful essence of the Japanese skiing experience.

Blackcrows offers skiing enthusiasts and creative individuals a chance to own a piece of this exclusive collection for a limited time only, starting January 16. The capsule will be sold at and three nest locations including Paris, Chamonix and Meribel in Europe. is the exclusive partner for the US. 

The capsule includes a ghostly and unique set comprising a pair of Ghost Resort Draco Freebird, Ghost Resort Duos Freebird Poles and Ghost Resort Dorsa 27 X-Pac Backpack. All items are limited edition and available for an evanescent, shadow-like duration.

A digi camouflage of black and white chevrons evolving on the threshold of space-time. The Ghost Resort Draco Freebird, the most powerful blackcrows touring ski, the Ghost Resort Dorsa 27 X-Pac Backpack, further lightened for this collection with a new X-pac fabric and the Ghost Resort Duos Freebird Poles, also improved for this occasion with a strengthened second tube in aluminum alloy carbon 7075, make up this supernaturally designed capsule.

To celebrate the launch of Ghost Resorts Chapter 3: Japan, blackcrows invites enthusiasts to an exclusive event in Nozawa, Japan on January 19. The event includes a movie screening, followed by a lively party, immersing attendees in the atmosphere of the territories explored in the film. As a testament to blackcrows’ commitment to supporting the skiing community, a percentage of the Ghost Resort Limited Edition Capsule profits will be donated to Ski Club Nozawa, one of the oldest ski clubs in Japan. This contribution aims to empower the club to continue its legacy of supporting local skiers and promoting the rich ski culture of Japan. 

Director’s Statement: “Discovering abandoned ski areas in Japan during past travels was a dream. As we delved into the project, it became clear that the narrative extended beyond individual resorts, encompassing the broader context of history, culture, and economics that shaped the rise and fall of many resorts nationwide. Fortunately, our crew secured firsthand interviews and experienced the iconic snow synonymous with the land of the rising sun.”

Hashtag: #GhostResorts 

Film Credits:

Directed By:  Zeppelin Zeerip and Michael J Brown

Produced By: Michael J Brown, Zac Ramras, Camille Jaccoux

Edited By: John Rodosky, Michael J Brown

Athletes: Celeste Pomerantz, Akifumi Kitamura, Daisuke Fukasawa

Ghost Resorts series is based on an idea by Julien Regnier and Camille Jaccoux. 

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