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blackcrows releases Limited Edition Powder Hunting Capsule

blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high performance ski products and apparel, just dropped a Limited Edition Powder Hunting Capsule with the new generation nocta, curated for skiers who are passionate about fresh snow and deep days on the hill.

The capsule represents blackcrows’ new take on the hunting side of skiing, specifically powder hunting. It includes the new shape of the nocta, with more flexibility and increased camber – the biggest and widest ski in the blackcrows line, a shovel to clear the way, earflap hat for cozy hunting, backpack for gear and supplies, and a long tailed, packable anorak jacket to complete the look and start powder hunting. The collection is limited and will only be available for a short time. Like fresh snow, get it while it lasts.

“The chase of a powder day, the excitement of getting ready to enjoy the pursuit, and the pleasure of weightlessness keeps us coming back for more,” said Jack Gray, chief product officer. “This collection celebrates the powder hunt with an outfit that can take you from shovelling your driveway to backcountry paradise.”

The camo design and pattern were influenced by powder seeking and skiing among the trees which represents the environment. The new orange Nocta, a colour that has been distinct from the beginning, inspired the colour scheme of the entire collection.

The Powder Hunting Capsule will only be available online and at select retailers for a short time.

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