Great for children's safety the Atomic Redster JR CTD

Atomic Redster JR CTD

Atomic Redster JR CTD is the high-performance helmet for little racers, complete with Shocksense smart-helmet technology for extra safety.

Atomic Redster JR CTD is a top-level junior racing helmet. It even comes with Shocksense: the smart-helmet technology used in Atomic World Cup athlete’s helmets, which measures impact-damage from falls and gates.

This FIS-approved helmet also features an ABS Racecase plus a Holo Core construction for up to 30% higher impact protection than industry safety standards.

Underneath, the 360° Fit System delivers all-round personalized comfort, with Live Fit pads that mould to any young racer’s head shape to keep the helmet precisely in place.

The helmet is also compatible with the Redster Chin Guard System, so you can tweak the set-up to suit the discipline. Supreme comfort and safety in one!


Uses a sensor inside your helmet to transmit impact and GPS data to the Atomic Shocksense App.360° Fit System

Fine-tunes the helmet to your head size and shape – height-adjustable for 100% personalized comfort.RS Liner

Removable and made from high-grade materials, ensuring a tight fit so your helment never moves.

Acoustic Plates

Integrated helmet plates positioned over each ear, with small holes enabling you to hear clearer.Chin Guard Compatible


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From the piste to the powder, distant backcountry peaks to local Nordic tracks, Atomic exists to drive skiing forward.

Founded in 1955, Atomic makes the world’s finest winter sports equipment. For over 65 years, our products have helped redefine the skiing experience for skiers of all levels, from beginners taking their first turns to the greatest athletes pushing their boundaries at the very top of the sport. 

Atomic has been based in the heart of the Austrian alps since its inception. Today it is the largest ski manufacturer in the world with 1000 in-house employees at our headquarters in the Pongau valley. Here, 60 kilometers south of Salzburg, Atomic produces over 400,000 pairs of skis annually. The entire Atomic family is unified by our shared values: innovation, authenticity, and a pioneering spirit. These values combine to allow Atomic to define the sport of skiing.

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