Alparka from Fauna Skis

When designing the Alparka, Fauna Skis set out to make a light ski with the perfect balance of flex and energy, whether you want to swerve or throw down on hardpack and could handle some fresh snow or spring slush.

They combined a tough and flexible ash core with carbon bands for extra pop and stability. Built off extra thick edges built for impact durability and a fast, sintered race quality base to match. All packed into a full symmetric ski with an 80% camber and low rocker and taper. After multiple prototypes, they finally settled on a construction that did that for them.

Don’t just take their word for it though, this was how Newschoolers Executive, Peter Matlashewski, described them in his independent “Roofbox Review”:

“A solid ski that works for sending hard in the park, a very snappy ski with substantial stability. Taking off jumps felt solid, especially on landings, There’s very little swing weight, which makes them ideal for quick spins. The fully symmetrical shape gave it a fun bump n’ slash type ski that made for effortless switch skiing. As a skier who enjoys reaching Candide speeds, these held up quite well on really nice groomers. The camber profile allows for decent carving and helps grip a bit more on those cold AF bulletproof days.”

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