Saas-Fee/Saastal looks back on a positive winter season

The holiday region of Saas-Fee/Saastal can look back on a positive winter season and heralds an adventurous summer and autumn season.

The winter of 2022/23 saw a strong rebound in group business. GoSnow school groups as well as other snow sports camps contributed to this very strong group business result. The Skier-Days were at the previous year’s level, so the Saastal Bergbahnen were able to build on the record winter of 21/22. In addition, the Funpark Morenia was able to reopen and the range of fun activities in the snow was expanded, to the delight of young and old snow sports enthusiasts.
The number of overnight stays in hotels and holiday apartments declined slightly. This is mainly due to the lack of beds, which underlines the importance of the new hotel and resort projects.

The events also look back on an eventful winter season. The Ice Climbing World Cup took place in Saas-Fee for the 23rd time, with more than 120 top athletes from over 20 countries competing in the 32-metre-high “Ice Dome”. The legendary Allalin race took place for the 41st time and with the 12-hour race on Kreuzboden-Hohsaas, donations were collected for the Mentelity Games, which for the third time enables young people with a physical disability to have a shared experience in the snow.
The second edition of Snow’n Sound and the legendary season-end party in Saas-Fee marked the end of a six-month winter season.

“you MAY know” – Discover the Saas Valley.
Spring helps to get to know the Saas Valley better. The Instagram campaign “you MAY know” offers followers the opportunity to find out more about the beautiful Saas Valley. Exciting facts and things worth knowing about the region are posted in the stories. At the end of May, followers can take part in a quiz and win a glacier tour in summer 2023.

Preview of an adventurous summer
Saas-Fee/Saastal is the destination of adventure : Exciting, high alpine and just right for active people who want to experience something. The holiday destination Saas-Fee/Saastal is pleased to be able to present old and new adventures and events to its guests in summer too. True to the motto: Summer is too short to just relax . Be it hiking, climbing or biking; the eventful relaxation is in the foreground.

The news For adventurous children there will be new, exciting marmot gondolas
at Spielboden from June 3rdand from the end of June a new children’s book to go with it. The playground is currently being completed on Kreuzboden and playful elements are in the foreground in the new adventure land in Kreuzboden . The Plattjen gondola lift is now open from June 10th and offers a unique view of the Saas Valley and a comfortable return trip to the village of Saas-Fee after climbing the Mittaghorn via ferrata. The Kreuzboden-Hohsaas region with the Skills Park, the Flowtrail and the new Furwald single trail to Saas-Grund is best suited for bike enthusiasts . A new mobile padel facility is also available on the Kalbermatten sports field in Saas-Fee.

When it comes to events, there will also be a lot going on this summer and autumn. The SaasFeestival is entering its second round and will be supplemented with the Electro Session on the Mittelallalin, the highest dance floor in Switzerland, and the roofing of the Saas-Almagell village square. The nostalgic pleasure mile is back with authentic dishes and a relaxed atmosphere. The Mattmark half marathon is entering its 5th round. In addition, the Hohsaas Bike Days take place in September, where mountain bike enthusiasts get their money’s worth. At the end there is a new family event in October: the autumn festival. From October 11th to 14th, the village center of Saas-Fee will be transformed into a large festival area with games and performances for the whole family.

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