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Reopening of the Teufelsbrücke restaurant with “The Circle of Friends”

The Zurich pop-up restaurateurs “DerFreundeskreis” will take over the historic Teufelsbrücke restaurant in the Schöllenen Gorge, in cooperation with Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, from June 21, 2023 to September 17, 2023.

With the program “The Circle of Friends in the Devil’s Circle” there is a culinary experience four days a week for a maximum of 40 guests.

For seven years, the makers of the “Freundeskreis Pop-up” have been touring through the craziest locations in Switzerland. They have already delighted well over 20,000 guests with their temporary use projects. The project was founded by chef Alexander Jakob and TV presenter Maximilian Baumann. After the two friends implemented their first interim use in a demolished house in the city of Zurich in 2016, projects followed in an open-plan office, a moving ship, a workshop, a former radio studio, in the ZSG ship building and many other locations.

“Der Freundskreis” is primarily about dining with friends. The slogan “We are friends who enjoy making friends happy” hits the nail on the head. With their menu – which consists of four to five courses – and the hospitality that you can only experience at friends’ homes, they make every evening a culinary experience.

In the “Circle of Friends in the Devil’s Circle”, top chef and author “Ten Seasons – cooking with original products” David Krüger will cook a hand-made menu for a maximum of 40 guests in the restaurant in Andermatt from Wednesday to Saturday from June 21st. All guests eat at the same time. The whole team is personally introduced to those present; if you want more of a course, you can get it directly from the chef in the kitchen.

The “Circle of Friends in the Devil’s Circle” project was created in cooperation with Andermatt Swiss Alps AG. The idea behind the concept is to bring the venerable building back to life.

Seats can now be reserved at

Header image: Top chef David Krüger (left) and Maximilian Baumann (right), founders of the pop-up group of friends, in front of the Teufelsbrücke restaurant.

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