Carv | Brand Profile

Already used in many fields, the reputation of the tracking concept is well established. Carv’s wearable technology is a device installed directly on ski boots. To make it work, you need to connect it to a smartphone. It will then give you all the instructions to improve, like a real ski instructor.

Balance is the foundation of great skiing. Carv shows you if you are centered over your skis and gives you balance exercises to help you improve.

Learn how to edge your skis together and create more powerful turns. Carv will give you training drills for every level to keep you improving.

Carv measures your parallel movement and your left/right symmetry. Ironing out those inconsistencies is the key to efficiency and style.

Balancing against the outside ski is the foundation of great skiing. Find out how much pressure you’ve got on the outside ski and get personalised advice to improve.

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