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The World’s most advanced ski wearable CARV has been on the market for over 4 years since it’s Launch on Kickstarter.

With Global sales in the thousands & more skiers on board than ever, despite the Pandemic, CARV is on a mission to help skiers improve their everyday skiing.

COMPATIBLE with custom ski boots and insoles
<3mm thick & 296g per foot
World’s most advanced ski wearable
Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer
Low energy Bluetooth
Built for the snow
Elegant design & easy to fit to new or existing boots*

Tough yet sensitive

CARV have packed 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor into each insert/insole and built it to withstand constant hard days of skiing.

Carv fits under the liner of your boot, you can use it in custom moulded ski boots, stock boots or rentals. It even works with your custom insoles.

*It might be wise to contact your local specialist boot shop to ensure they are fitted correctly. Search for SIGB member retailers local to you HERE

Built to fall

CARV’s battery pack sits on the strap of your boot with a specially designed clip and a robust case to keep it secure, no matter how radical your turns (or how often you fall).

This has been tested on many top skiers & tested in many high speed crashes.

The app is very user friendly & gives excellent feedback

Recommendation Engine

CARV analyses how you ski by comparing your turns with data from some of the best instructors in the world (instructor-examiners PSIA, CSIA, BASI, NZSIA, APSI).

Finding out what is holding back your technique and getting the right advice to fix it has never been easier.

It can also be an excellent training tool to implement with instructors too & some instructors are already using it to enhance their clients’ results.

The app gives tips & feedback to help improve your technique

The CARV Blog has some great insights & answers many user questions.

CARV is currently available to buy via their website, some European retailers & are rolling out test centres across Europe next season.

In the UK, CARV plans for retailers to offer CARV directly to consumers later this year alongside plans for UK test centres via a UK Distributor.

For more information visit

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