The North Face presents: Nevia

Winter alpinism is rarely a solo sport. Those in the spotlight have a crew who work tirelessly to bring individual dreams to life. Sam Anthamatten has spent his life travelling the world and achieving unimaginable feats in snowsports and mountaineering.

Yet he has so often stood to the side as his brother Simon and expedition partners like world-renowned freestyle skier Markus Eder and professional freeskier Jérémie Heitz achieved greatness.

Many people owe their success at least in part to Sam’s patience and dedication. NEVIA gives us the opportunity to spend time with him, understanding what his yet-unlived dreams hold. We witness the full spectrum of skiing and winter alpinism as Sam takes the time to actualise his dream line and dedicate time to his mission. An adventure from his hometown, taking the train and paragliding to the base of the mountain, ready to hike up, ski down and make it back home in one day.

The film also showcases deep insight into the trust and partnerships required to reach the top level of exploration. So often we see the rider and not the different vital roles in the mountains. The slick lines, and not the vast safety measures in place to minimise risk, maximise adventure and understand goals outside of convention. Goals defined by weather windows and conditions so specific, they take years to actualise.

NEVIA is the story of Sam’s quest, based on the Italian word meaning snow or something new. Watch here the ode to a love of paragliding, ice climbing, free skiing and all things mountains.

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