Imbrace collaborate with Chemmy Alcott for new leggings

Innovative British sport leggings developer Imbrace has collaborated with 4 x Olympian and presenter of BBC Ski Sunday Chemmy Alcott to design new game changing compression leggings which boost the wearer’s confidence and performance, to increase enjoyment of snow sports.

Designed with, and tested by, 4 x Winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott the comfortable, functional leggings are pitched as a game changer. Designed for the slopes they provide functionality and support which will enhance the snowsport experience. The compression element of the leggings helps reduce pain and fatigue, helping the wearer enjoy more time on the snow. 

Launching in November the new winter sport legging product has a range of new functional features. Pre-orders for the new product are now live at the Imbrace website. 

Chemmy Alcott, said: “These all new winter snow sport leggings from Imbrace have so many features, there’s literally nothing like this in the market. If you want to deliver your best on the slopes this winter, this is the piece of kit you need. What Imbrace and I have designed is magic.”

Chemmy said of the collaboration: “Being involved with the brand from its conception with such a great team and an already fabulous product, I quickly realised we could make an incredibly technical product to help bring out the best performances on snow. For longevity, recovery, pain management and musculoskeletal support.”

“The support that these leggings provide will give you confidence from the first turn of the day to the last. You’ll feel less fatigued and enjoy your time on the slopes more.” Chemmy Alcott.

Imbrace Managing Director, Geoff Hanson said: “Wearing IMBRACE can reduce joint pain and discomfort, give confidence and reduce fatigue. We’re delighted with the new product, with our technical expertise and Chemmy’s understanding of snowsport and performance, the new compression leggings provide a great technical clothing foundation for days on the slopes. Designed to reduce factors which can limit and disrupt the ski day the new leggings will enhance performance, comfort and therefore elevate the ski and snowboarder experience of the wearer”. 

Chemmy explained the new details: “The high waistband on both the male and female leggings is not just about aesthetics, it’s about injury prevention and performance. There are pockets in the lining for heat pads, to target the muscles of the lower back and the base of the spine, plus the women’s pair have a heat pad pocket at the front for warmth and when needed soothe period discomfort while on the slopes.”

“One of my favourite feature’s is the Core Boost Straps, tightening these at the start of the day will help to switch on the transverse abs muscles. This muscle group is a significant part of the core, providing thoracic and pelvic stability. The ITB Band support and hip panels covering the outside of the thighs and hips – they keep the leg and hip muscles warm and help with knee alignment. Knee support – we have done a lot of work here, the design of the panel means you still get the confidence of a mid-level compression knee brace, but there’s no bulky material behind the knee, giving maximum bend and comfort.” 

Chemmy continued: “The feel of your shin on the front of the ski boot is so important for contact and feeling when you ski, so these leggings are boot cut and end just above the boot lining. The fabric is sweat wicking and treated with HEIQ Smart Temp™ to regulate skin temperature, they are also treated with an anti-bac to keep them fresh and reduce wash cycles. The silky base fabric is 77% recycled nylon.”

HEIQ Smart Temp TM in the fabric helps regulate temperature and their Anti-Bacterial treatment keeps them fresh. Base leggings fabric is made up of 77% Recycled Nylon and 23% Spandex for four way stretch and comfort against your skin.

Imbrace are proud to support the Snow Camp Snowsports Youth Charity, contributing £2 from each sale of the Winter Snow Sports Leggings.

The men’s and women’s Snow Sport Leggings are priced at £149.00. Buy online at 

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