Completion of the guestbook theme trail in Thumersbach

The Guestbook theme trail along the Thumersbacher Höhenpromenade, which opened in 2018, has included six stations to date, and now another one has been added: the extension takes into account the central importance of the visionary and former governor Franz Rehrl, far beyond the region, and the Guestbook theme trail is completed.

The path, which is popular with locals and guests, includes seven stations and focuses on well-known personalities who have left their mark in the Thumersbach district of Zell. For example, Stefan Zweig, DH Lawrence, Paul Wittgenstein, Alfred Kubin, Ritter Julius von Hochenegg and the Trapp family.

THE New Station | dr Franz Rehl

In 1928 Dr. Franz Rehrl settled down with his family in Thumersbach. dr Like no other, Rehrl has earned recognition for his extraordinary achievements for Zell am See and the region. He earned great merit for the construction of the Schmittenhöhebahn, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and he is also considered the initiator of the use of hydropower at the Fuscher Bärenwerk and the Tauern power plants. In the 16 years he worked as governor (1922-1938), Rehrl realized major projects that gave the state an enormous boost to economic development. In a politically extremely difficult time, he managed to create jobs by relying on innovative technical developments.

At the new station, the design line of the existing path is continued accordingly. A landscape intervention by Franz Rehrl moves into the center of the consideration – in his case a stylized eye, in whose pupil a former view of Zell am See is reflected. This eye is embedded in the roots of a tree made of exposed concrete, which on the one hand interprets the positive effects of Franz Rehrl’s work to this day, on the other hand, embedded in the nature or forest landscape of the themed trail, intervenes paradoxically.

Andreas Zangl, exhibition designer, artist and designer of the themed trail, said: “The basic idea of ​​the already existing themed trail was and is to go in search of important personalities and to place them in a strong context to the (natural) landscape in Zell am See set. Historical personalities should not be “glorified” but rather sign a scenic guest book. The themed trail sees itself as a form of homage that does not express humility, but rather invites a respectful dialogue with nature.” 

Header image: The Completion of the Guestbook theme trail (from left to right): Andreas Zangl (designer of the themed trail), Veronika Kohlhuber (Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus), Dr. Peter Wittner, Andreas Wimmreuter (Mayor of Zell am See).

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