blackcrows releases new Black Doc ft. Mattias Fredriksson

blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high performance ski products and apparel, just dropped a new black doc featuring Mattias Fredricksson.

The story follows Swedish crow, Mattias Fredriksson, who lives deep in British Columbia and lives life as a ski photographer. Mattias is one of the most published photographers of his generation.

Whether it’s with his husky dog Tikaani, born in Sweden like him, who completed more than 40 days of ski touring last season, or with his partner Elle, a Canadian by birth, Mattias is always outside, camera in hand and often with skis on his feet (or a mountain bike when summer comes).

And Fredriksson said:  “It’s one thing to take good pictures, it’s another to be a good photographer.”

Fredriksson’s Bio

Mattias Fredriksson is one of the most prolific adventure photographers of our time. For the past quarter-century he has traveled the globe with some of the world’s best skiers, mountain bikers and outdoor athletes on assignments for a vast array of editorial and commercial clients. Fredriksson holds the honorary title of Senior Photographer at industry-leading Powder and Bike magazines, both based in the U.S. He remains a senior contributor at Åka Skidor and a senior photographer for Backcountry Magazine. In 2004 and 2015, he was invited to the Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler. He also won that town’s Deep Summer Photo Challenge in 2009. Awarded Bike Magazine Photo of the Year in 2010, he has also been a finalist in the Red Bull Illume photo competition, won the Black and White Photo Awards in 2006, and has over 450 cover shots published worldwide.

About Black Docs

Each black doc is an introspection, diving into the life of members of this community, who describe the obstacles and experiences they have gone through to reach their own vision of skiing, and the freedom and joy that it can bring. Blackcrows weaves a community that loves skiing, and lives fully through the art and joy of sliding on snow.

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