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CoolCasc Helmet Covers

Coolcasc®, was born in out of an idea created in a small restaurant in the Swiss Alps “Aux Vieux Verbier” on a skiing holiday in March 2007.

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JC & 3 Of his children showcase the Cool Casc Covers

Mar Peire, wanted to find and differentiate her children on the ski slopes. Mar’s idea was to put something on the helmet, making helmets fun and nice, so that kids wanted using them ensuring their safety at the same time. All in one: a helmet cover which helps to identify them quickly while skiing &something that makes Helmets more fun.

Some of the popular Kids’ Helmet covers

This is how COOLCASC® helmet covers were born and after some years of very hard work, we became the #1 brand of helmet covers in the market and we are now in more than 30 different countries.

Our initial product was designed for ski helmets but modified a little later, so it can be used on to any helmet type and size. The ONE FITS ALL concept allows COOLCASC® helmet covers to be used all year round for any sport activity with helmet use: scooter, bicycle, skating, horse riding or even motorcycling.

We have different collections. One of the most popular is the Animals Collections, followed by others like Show Time, CoolPrint or Exclusive. We also have a unique Led collection with lights to make you stand out even more.

Also designs for adults for a complete customised look across Helmet & Goggles

Our initial product, the helmet covers, have been joined by a few other products like goggle covers & balaclavas. We have some matching designs of helmet cover + goggle cover for a perfect fit and cool look.

For more information pleaes vist the site links above or for trade enquiries please contact;

Manby International Sportswear, Milner Road, Sudbury,
Suffolk, CO10 2XG
Tel: +44 (0) 1787 881144
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