Atomic Backland Helmet

The Atomic Backland helmet offers safety, comfort and performance in perfect balance. It comes with a Full Cap Ski lining and a breathable Skimo lining so you’re covered from deep winter to high summer, and it’s multi-norm certified for skiing, climbing and cycling.

Holo Core and AMID (Atomic Multi-directional Impact Deflector) technologies provide up to 40% higher impact protection than industry safety standards, while the Hybrid EPP In-Mold shell construction is durable, lightweight and supremely safe – with PC Microshells for structural reinforcement without adding bulk. Like all Backland helmets, it includes the little details that make a big difference, like a headlamp mount, removeable strap station and reflective elements. This helmet is also made with 43% recycled material.

360° Fit System

Fine-tunes the helmet to your head size and shape – height-adjustable for 100% personalized comfort.

Remove-/Washable Full Cap Liner

Comfortable and light with integrated 3D-molded ear pads: warm on cold days and cool on warm days.

Removable/Washable Skimo Liner

Optimized for comfort, protection and ventilation: light, absorbs sweat and keeps your head cool.

RECCO Technology

Helps professional rescuers find you if you are buried in an avalanche or lost in the mountains.

Headlamp Fixation

A fixation at the front so you can quickly and easily mount your headlamp so it won’t jiggle around.

Reflective Element

At the back of the helmet delivering high-vis protection. Great for late-night rides or tours.

T: +44 20 3510 0656

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