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Spektrum is a Scandinavian, sustainable sports brands with its roots in Åre, Sweden. Founded by skiing and snowboarding professionals. Spektrum’s eyewear is developed and designed for an active life, produced of plant based, recycled and recyclable materials. They enable present and future generations to explore and enjoy nature by making sustainable choices and outstanding products.

Spektrum was born in the mountains and our name stems from how the prism breaks the sun’s rays into different wavelengths and colors. By filtering out some of these wavelengths we achieve specifical adapted visual perception for certain realities we encounter on the mountain. Bright sunlight, whiteout, artificial light, dusk and dawn. Spektrum is not only our name, it’s our most important tool.

To make our brand even more unique we have felt the need to add a symbol or icon to our name. For that journey we started out close to home, with what we know best; the mountain, the spectrum and the prism. When you think of it, the triangular prism creating a rainbow of color we all know from our favorite LP-cover could in fact be a small transparent mountain of pure ice. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

A solitary ray of sunlight meets our mountain-like prism. It instantly breaks up in different colors and are sent off to opposite corners of our prism, exiting, leaving. Leaving an imaginary void until the next ray comes along.

All information regarding Spektrum can be found on their website HERE.

You can also contact them via this LINK.

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