HEAD Kore 93 Skis – Review

Gear Review by JC Ski

Head say….
The Kore 93 is your gateway ski to a new world of freeride adventures. It’s a fun ski and you feel at home on or off piste. And thanks to its light weight, it also makes ski touring a fun experience.

I Say….
This is one of the most versatile skis I have used & if I only had to choose only one Ski to take on Holiday this would be in my top 3. Here’s why;

Head Kore 93 RRP £525 (without Bindings) RRP £630-870 (with Bindings)

  • Super lightweight, but very stable at speed
  • Easy to turn, great edge control & solid underfoot
  • Excellent across the Mountain & also makes a great touring ski
  • Skis well on Piste, especially fun in longer, wider turns

Plus I personally like the look too & there are multiple binding options depending on your preferred personal set up.

The skis pictured below have the ATTACK² 13 GW binding option, but you can also opt for the AMBITION or ADRENALIN models if you want Ski touring capability.

The Test

I was lucking enough to have excellent Snow conditions both on & off Piste for the week in Pila in which I tested the Kore 93.

The skis initially seemed light to pick up & light on my feet. At 93mm you are in all-mountain range, but with the modern side-cut & these being pretty light it almost felt like it was more of a Piste ski underfoot. Plus I really liked the wide tip of the skis to initiate the turn.

For sure, it’s wider than a Piste Ski, but it was excellent in the faster turns & light enough to turn edge to edge in the quick short turns. If you are looking for versatility, not an all day Piste machine, this Ski gives you that. It’s a Ski that does a great job on the Piste & wants you to pop off the side & go exploring.

With this type of Ski there is always compromise. Cold icy days with a lack of snow & hard Pistes are not it’s best friend, but it will give you a solid edge & will work well in bumpy stuff off the track. For the Pure powder days, you will wish you had one of it’s bigger Kore brothers from the range, featured in the video below.

However, for a Ski that is 93mm underfoot I had great fun both on & off the Piste. On the first day I used it the runs were hard & snow was coming, but they were great, albeit not as perfect on Piste as a narrower ski.

When the Snow came, these Ski’s came into their own. Choppy Pistes, no problem. Fresh Snow on an old hard base, no problem. Flying over rollers & dropping into the trees, no problem. I was having a great time & for me, that’s what makes a Ski. If I’m having fun, something is going well. Even when it got too deep for the Kore 93, it wasn’t a huge problem as they are so light & have a big tip to keep you on top of the snow when you have speed.

Below is one of the runs on the Kore 93 on a good day.

Small drop & Powder bowl in Pila on Kore 93

Kore 93 On Test
On Piste – 7.5/10. No problem & fun in long turns, just don’t buy this Ski if you spend all day there.
Off Piste – 8.5/10. For Europe this will suffice most Skiers & it was great fun.
All-Mountain – 9.5/10. No question, this Ski does it all.
Ski Touring – 8/10. An excellent option for those wanting to maximise the downhill, but not take on too much weight.

For more information about the Kore range head to www.head.com

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