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Ski Review by JC Ski

Head say….
The Caddy performs like a dune buggy. That’s another way of saying: anything goes. Its construction makes it indestructible and shock-resistant, so it’s ready for any challenges in the park. It also has great dampening characteristics, giving you a smooth ride. It’s not surprising it’s the ski of choice for our freestyle team. What’s more, you can give it an on-piste outing to satisfy your craving for speed.

I Say….
There is no surprise that Head’s top athletes are using this Ski & getting results. While it really is a Freestyle focussed ski you can still have great fun exploring the mountain.

Head Caddy RRP £335 (without Bindings) RRP £440-655 (with Bindings)

  • Lighter than other skis & very stable underfoot
  • Poppy to give confidence off jumps & great stability in landings
  • Reinforced to reduce damages on rails & general wear & tear.
  • Skis well on Piste & makes popping around the mountain a little more fun
  • Perfect for someone wanting to take their Freestyle to the next level with a Ski solid enough to enjoy across the mountain.

I should note at the point that the Caddy’s I was using had a different Graphic, but they are the same Ski & also that in my younger days I spent time in the Park, so I am familiar with Freestyle Skis.

The skis pictured below have the ATTACK² 13 GW binding option, but you can also opt for alternative models if you want a stronger or cheaper option. I skied these with the Attack 13, with my DIN on 9.5.

The Test

I was lucking enough to have excellent Snow conditions both on & off Piste for the week in Pila in which I tested the Head Caddy. Unfortunately this closed the Park until the end of the week, so took the Caddy’s exploring in the meantime.

First impression, the skis feel solid. I like a centre mount point, but if you want to use Freestyle Skis ore all mountain then you can have a more standard set up. Having a centre mount makes skiing switch (backwards) easier, having a more traditional mount works better for all mountain.

It’s a Freestyle Ski, so Piste & Powder aren’t the Caddy’s strong point. However, providing you haven’t blunted your edges on rails, they grip well on Piste & super easy to rotate to change direction quickly. Plus they want you to jump around, pop off the side & generally have fun across the mountain.

Off Piste they are fine on the choppy snow & good fun in the bumpier stuff, but they are just too narrow for Powder days, especially with a centre mount point giving you less tip to keep you on top of the snow.

The Park opened on the day we left, so I took a few runs…. Talk about inspiring confidence & I will talk about the Caddy. They are soft enough in the Tip & Tail to play around, but the stability underfoot really gave you confidence on the landing. I’ve landed on some Freestyle skis that are just too soft & they can give way on landing at times, these felt solid & still playful.

With this type of Ski you have to be interested in Freestyle Skiing, but if you are worried you will lose out on other areas of the mountain I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised (as long as you look after your edges 🙂 ).

Head Caddy On Test
On Piste – 7/10. Not for Piste specifically, but does a job & fun if you make it.
Off Piste – 7/10. For Europe this will suffice most days, but not for Powder days.
All-Mountain – 7/10. Does a good job across the mountain for a Freestyle ski.
Freestyle– 9/10. An excellent option for those wanting a more solid Freestyle ski to progress with.

For more information about the Caddy range head to HEAD.com

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