Gear Review | Shred Belushki Black Silver CBL Polarized Sunglasses

Recently I caught up with Cara Brown, British Ski Champion and friend of Winter Insight, to talk through some of her top product reviews.

Cara is multiple GB Ski Champion & competed at the highest level for many years.

Cara Brown, British Ski Champion

See her review below for Shred Belushki Black Silver CBL Polarized sunglasses…

Shred Belushki Black Silver CBL Polarized Sunglasses

When I’m looking at active sunglasses, if they don’t say polarized on them, I don’t usually give them a second chance. I think it’s vital to give your eyes that extra protection even though it comes with an extra price tag.

Whether you’re using your glasses on snow or by the sea it so essential to protect your eyes from the sun glare.

This Shred set tick the box on protection. They look pretty cool too!

I find the shape fits my face well however, would I trust them to stay on my face while skiing down and mountain… I don’t think so.

I do tend to spend a lot of the day pushing them back up my nose. They do have rubber pads on the nose but I’ve found that as soon as you are wearing sun cream this gets clogged up and becomes very slippery – and difficult to clean.

So, I would recommend these glasses for standard summer use, they look cool, the lenses provide good protection, but skip them if you’re planning any extreme sports! 

Cara Brown is a professional Ski Racer & now coach. More information about Cara & her career can be found HERE

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