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Recently I caught up with Cara Brown, British Ski Champion and friend of Winter Insight, to talk through some of her top product reviews.

Cara is multiple GB Ski Champion & competed at the highest level for many years.

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Cara Brown, British Ski Champion

Here is her review on Smartefy Shred Goggles…

Smartefy Shred Goggles

I’m pretty picky about my goggles. They need to fit my helmet properly to not give me a punter gap but they also need to not be too huge to squish down my nose.

Shred make a lot of very cool goggles!

Their Amazify and Rarify sets look great with helmets but I do find them slightly too big for my face. However, the Smartefy are a perfect fit.

The range of colour means you can find one to match your favourite helmet and they are small enough that you can wear them to the Apres-Ski without your helmet too.

While spare lenses are pretty expensive, I think a good weather one and a bad weather one are vital. For Smartefy my favourite good weather is CBL Plasma Mirror. It protects my eyes even on the sunniest glacier days and when the fog rolls in I switch it out with the CBL Sky Mirror.

Even though it is slightly mirrored I find it gives good depth perception to the snow surface in flat light. 

Cara Brown is a professional Ski Racer & now coach. More information about Cara & her career can be found HERE

For more information visit SHRED’S Home Page

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