Atomic Shift Bindings – Review

Atomic Shift bindings Review by JC & TN

Ski Touring bindings aren’t new, but they are becoming more mainstream & now there are many options to consider.

I reviewed the Atomic Shift Bindings with input from an industry friend to give more insight into the benefits behind the Shift bindings.

All of the official information from Atomic can be found here.

Touring Bindings

  • Designed to help you walk up & find your own path back down to explore the mountain more.
  • Great exercise & allows your to explore beyond the lift access.
  • Gives another dimension to your day of skiing
  • Unlike years ago, touring bindings are now just as good going down as up & there are so many options.

If you are the type of person who wants to start exploring, you tried Ski Touring & loved it or you just want to be able to if the opportunity presents itself, then you should consider a Ski Touring binding.

The Shift (13 & 10)

For downhill skiing you can use pretty much any modern Ski Boot, so you can ski lift access skiing in your normal boots, which is a cool feature if you prefer skiing in Alpine boots when not touring. Although the gap between these boots types, is almost disappearing as highlighted in our Hawx XTD Boot review.

When you want to go Ski Touring you will need boots that have the Pin system on the toes. Almost all new touring or Hybrid touring boots are now coming with the Pin system for touring, but if you aren’t sure then just check with you local expert retailer. Without a doubt, the Pin system is the best for walking uphill & having used many systems in the past, this is really now the best system.

They are really easy to use & the Atomic video explains it very well. As a guy who ‘doesn’t need to read instructions’ I found it super easy to use, with just a tiny head scratch moment. If I’d had watched the video it would have been more seamless. You do need to be completely our of the binding to change modes, but this is pretty normal for this more all mountain style of touring binding Vs a more pure tour focussed binding.

10 or 13? If you are lighter, go for the 10. If you are heavier or an aggressive skier, go for the 13.

They ski like a normal alpine binding, which is great plus. They tour well & are really easy to use, another plus.

The only negative would be weight, but if you’re that weight focussed & more about the uphill, then you shouldn’t be considering this binding as your touring companion.

Final thought from our Tester – TN
“The epic Shift binding is perfect for someone like me. I love ski touring but I’m far more comfortable and experienced in lift-accessed/hiking off piste – the Shift binding gives me the perfect balance between tech insert bindings and the security and confidence of an alpine binding. It’s some incredible technology.”

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