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Amundsen’s history dates back to December 1911, when Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach the South Pole. 100 years later, his great-grandson, Jorgen Amundsen, founded Amundsen Sports on another trip to the Antarctic. Since then, the Amundsen brand has been a huge success in Norway. Its unique logo, Norwegian style and references to old models evoke the memory of one of the greatest adventurers and discoverers of our time.

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“Amundsen’s take on outdoor is not like the others. We are as adventurous as any, and our sportswear can allow you to conquer the highest mountains in the harshest conditions. But we believe that being an “outdoor brand” is not all about being extreme and pushing the limits. It’s also about having fun and enjoying nature as one big playground.

With timeless sportswear of real quality, we take our products seriously but not ourselves too seriously. We never lose our sense of wonder, and never forget that nature is best enjoyed in the company of good friends whom one can share a good laugh with.”

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