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Horsefeathers is a Canadian snowboard brand, offering all the essential clothing for the whole family. The brand also has special lines, such as the “signature”.

Back in 1989, snowboarding was nothing like we know it today. No snowparks, no high-speed lifts, no social media, no digital. It was a simple analog world. Yet what lacked in high-end technologies was abundantly compensated by the full-on energy that every snowboarder felt for the lifestyle. Snowboarding was new, weird, fresh and on fire. It was a definite rebellion against the established team-sport mentality. In Rock Creek and the surrounding area, the handful of kids who were snowboarding in those early days went riding whenever they could.

When Stew Carlson started using his Grandmother’s quote “That’s horsefeathers Stewart!” (with the most proper British accent, meaning “That’s nonsense“) an idea was born. Joel DeVille then made a first linoleum print and Nigel Price the first designs. Horsefeathers became a kind of an inside joke to Stew, Joel, Jesse, Pollen, Ruth, Zuzana and Hanuš that more-less made up all the snowboarders attending the BCSS high-school. Horsefeathers totally went along with snowboarding being generally a bizarre activity for most people at that time.

The crew rode together every possible day at the local and surrounding mountains like Mt. Baldy, Phoenix Mtn., Big White, Red Mountain and of course Whitewater. 1992 was a graduation year for most and Hanuš took off to Europe where he met Pavel Kubíček. The two friends quickly realized they did not want to get a job any time soon and decided to officially launch Horsefeathers as a real brand. The first collection came to life in 1993 and consisted of 50 t-shirts and 200 stickers. The rest is history.

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