Last minute holiday at La Plagne is highly recommended

After deciding to give the ski holiday a miss this year, the snow was not looking great so we decided at the last minute to book somewhere and get away.  I have been recommended La Plagne several time and more recently by the couple we went to Levi with last year

So we looked at the resort, found a good hotel and booked.  We book with Crystal as we like the fact you have everything sorted.  Transfers etc and its nice and easy form airport to slopes

The first day was an easy day to find the ski legs, the sun was shining and it was great to be back in the alps, the last few trips had been to Finland so very cold and not a lot of sun!

One of the appeals for La Plane was the vast amount of skiing and with my wife still finding her ski legs the blues runs looked wide and open.  They did not disappoint.  Wide open slopes.

We also wanted a report where every ability could ski from top to bottom and La Plane hs this, some of the views from the top are amazing

The report has everything, skiing down wide open blues to skiing through the town.  We also liked how easy it was to get around the resort.  The hole resort was also very well signed making it easy to navigate

One thing we missed from Finland was sitting outside for lunch and the afternoon refreshments, there were some great mountain restaurants and bars.

Over all if you want a report to push you from easy blues to more challenging or even to try a red I would recommend this resort


The biggest selling point for me with La Plagne is that I could navigate the majority of the resort on blues from top to bottom. The runs had a good mix of challenges and views from rolling meadows, skiing through towns, tree lined runs and amazing vistas which I was not expecting so it feels like you’re skiing in different resorts. There’s also a few blue and red runs which cross over, if you want to try small sections.

Navigation was fairly easy as each junction would have a sign telling you which village you were heading to and on which colour run. However, if you’re trying to navigate to a particular run, you’re going to need your map to check.

I was excited for the Tunnel run, but it was bit underwhelming and didn’t have the surprises I saw mentioned on other sites. Instead definitely try out the Funslope by the Arpette lift, and Buffalo Park by the Colorado lift, which have lots of things for you to try even as a relative beginner.

The day we went to Montalbert the runs on that side were narrow but not difficult. However, snow coverage wasn’t great so some sections were closed and there was a lot of ice. The tunnel on the approach in did make up for it with lights and music.

On the Champagny side, I loved the Geisha run which had parts that felt like you were in a half pipe. The snack bar near the top of the Bozelet run has amazing views as it’s perched on the top of the peak, overlooking the run. As a tip, don’t take the easier routes offered on Bozelet as there is a steep section right before the restaurant further down the run, which you need to be ready for.

For an alternative route back to the hotel, take the blue routes from Plagne Centre towards Plagne 1800. Stop off at Le Loup Blanc for a quick drink, and then you can take the Plagne 1800 lift straight back to the hotel.

By the end of the week, I had travelled more in a resort than I ever had previously because my skills and confidence had progressed being able to get pretty much everywhere on blues and the number of runs available meant that the only runs we repeated were transit routes to the lifts.


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