Winter Park Resort marks Women’s History Month with Its own trailblazing women

More than ever, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate those who have helped define Colorado’s great outdoors and recognize women who are literally “moving mountains”.

Many women at Winter Park Resort are becoming the new face of the male-dominated outdoor industry, while trailblazing new opportunities. 

Winter Park Resort has long been welcoming women into what has traditionally been a community mostly made up of men. The stories and history of Colorado and of skiing are powerful and compelling, but the acknowledged contributions of women to its shared history are more limited. That is why during 2022 Women’s History Month in March, Winter Park Resort is recognizing modern-day women who are making new tracks and challenging the idea about what it means to be a woman in the mountain-outdoor industry.

“We want to shine the light on the true picture of what participating in the outdoors looks like, and Women’s History Month is the perfect opportunity to do that,” said Liz Agostin, vice president of marketing and communication for Winter Park Resort. “The outdoor industry still has work to do when it comes to including women and others; but Winter Park Resort is well on its way recognizing women and their importance in getting other women on the mountain — and into the great outdoors.”

It was not until Winter Park’s more recent history that women’s impact on the growth and development of the resort became more obvious. Today’s Winter Park Resort’s management team is nearly half female. More and more women are showing up in other traditionally male-dominated departments like ski patrol, lift operations and mountain adventure.

Two of the five ski patrol leaders at Winter Park are female and almost 30 percent of the rest of the professional staff are women, with 23 percent female among the ski patrol volunteers. There’s a similar picture in lift operations, where there is solid female representation at the top and a quarter of those on the team are women. The Winter Park Adventure and Supply Company is run by a woman who is directly responsible for encouraging, leading, and guiding guests, whether they ski or snowboard or not, to venture out into Winter Park’s wilderness.

Winter Park Resort has hundreds of trailblazing women, creating an even more inclusive mountain community. And that’s good news for everyone.

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