The new Hedvig Wessel collection inspired by Norway’s mountains

The Hedvig Signature Collection honours Hedvig Wessel’s homeland and her inspirations, including some of the most commanding mountains of Norway.

Drawing on her inspirations and her hobbies, Hedvig Wessel looked to painting, skiing and the majestic mountains and rivers of her Norwegian homeland to create the
designs for her signature collection.

The freeride star has been painting in her spare time for a number of years, and often turns to her canvas as a way to relax. It was natural that her paintings played a part in the design of her signature collection.


As with her first collections, the new helmet design is taken from a painting created especially for her helmet, inspired by the commanding Store Skagastølstind mountain, with colours inspired by the light under the northern skies.

The Hedvig Wessel edition Obex BC Mips is adorned with golden details to represent the contour lines on a map, showing the mountain’s unique topography.

The goggle strap features a design created by Hedvig and is inspired by the sunlight and flowing water on the mountainside.

Hedvig Wessel was heavily involved in every stage of the design process and was in regular contact with the POC team in Stockholm to ensure her vision for the helmet and goggles became a reality.


The Hedvig edition goggles and helmet, just like other POC combinations, are designed and developed for a seamless fit, where features are designed to fully align for an enhanced overall experience.

Developed together from the ground up, the two products are perfectly in tune with each other, sharing a synchronized design, ventilation and aerodynamics.

No small gaps between goggle and helmet; an ultimate field of view; no goggle steaming; ultimate security and comfort: these are just some of the benefits of a seamless fit.

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