Peak Performance launch second-hand WearAgains online

As part of Peak Performance’s sustainability work, they launched WearAgains last year, a second-hand concept where consumers can buy and sell pre-owned Peak Performance products.

WearAgains is the next level of Peak Performance’s longevity and circularity program, giving pre-owned and pre-loved items a new life by including second-hand products into their offering. 

Now, Peak Performance is upgrading from analogue to digital and launched WearAgains online last week. To start with, they are open for sale in Sweden only. However, the plan is to make WearAgains globally available. 

“Since Peak Performance started 35 years ago, our goal has been to design clothes that last over time, so it is not unusual to occasionally see an old Peak Performance jacket from the eighties out on the streets or on the ski slopes. With WearAgains, we will gather garments from decades back on the same platform to enable new life for garments that have the potential to last at least another decade,” said Sara Molnar, President of Peak Performance. 

The second-hand concept, alongside the Peak Performance repair service, will play an important role in the effort to shift towards a circular business model by maximizing the lifespan of all garments. 

Discover more about the new online WearAgains marketplace

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