LEKI Announces Key AW22 Offerings

LEKI has been creating specialist poles for over 60 years. They seek to offer the ultimate highest-performance products that are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly process in LEKI’s own production facility in the Czech Republic. LEKI’s development of ski poles started in the 60s, after founder, Karl Lenhart, was dissatisfied by the quality and functionality of the ski poles available at the time. Today, LEKI’s ski range is packed full of tech and features a fresh, dynamic look so you can head to the slopes in style.

Airfoil 3D

The Airfoil 3D is ideal for fast and precise performance. The Airfoil 3D features LEKI’s patented Trigger 3D system, which offers three key benefits: greatly improved safety (with 220-degree release range), enhanced convenience and more control through a direct connection between the gloves and pole. This innovation has a quick release button for easy click in and out, a hook for maximum release range and it supports natural movement, protecting the wrist. The addition of integrated grip lines mean you get a comfortable position without slipping. The Trigger 3D system is compatible with LEKI Trigger 3D gloves. The Airfoil 3D has a teardrop-shaped diameter of 14 mm, making it aerodynamic and meaning the pole supports the perfect vibration behaviour. LEKI uses high quality HTS 6.5 aluminium as the material, so the pole is resistant to even the hardest of stress.

Airfoil 3D | Length: 110 cm – 135 cm | Weight: 242 grams | RRP: £104.99

Neolite Airfoil & Neolite Airfoil Women

The ideal all-mountain pole, featuring Pro G PAS grip which promises an extremely close grip between the hand and the pole. The strap can be infinitely adjusted to the desired length and the Airfoil profile – which is a teardrop shape –makes for a lightweight and stable pole that’s also dynamic.

Neolite Airfoil | Length: 110 cm – 135 cm | Weight: 210 grams | RRP: £62.99

Neolite Airfoil Women | Length: 105 cm – 125 cm | Weight: 200 grams | RRP: £62.99

Bold Lite S

Bold Lite S, a high-end alpine pole, is the perfect choice for safety-conscious beginners. The Bold Lite S offers quick connection of the strap to the pole thanks to the Trigger S system. This makes it both secure and comfortable with click in and out technology. The strap can be adjusted accordingly and releases upwards in the event of a fall, helping to prevent injury. The Trigger S Slalom grip has four finger grooves and an additional support area to help you hold the pole effortlessly all day long. This grip is compatible with all LEKI Trigger straps and gloves.

Bold Lite S | Length: 110 cm – 135 cm | Weight: 243 grams | RRP: £84.99

Carbon 14 3D

100% carbon and packed full of tech, the lightweight Carbon 14 3D features LEKI’s Trigger 3D Slalom Grip, with four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area for maximum comfort and grip. This has become a firm favourite with more advanced skiers.

Carbon 14 3D | Length: 110 cm – 135 cm | Weight: 235 grams | RRP: £134.99

Hot Shot S

Sip and ski with the Hot Shot S. Simply unscrew the grip, take a drink and screw it back in place. The Hot Shot S holds 138 – 200 ml of your favourite beverage, inside the anodised pole shaft. Other technical features include the Trigger S Slalom Grip and Trigger Vario Strap, which is perfectly cut and individually adjustable. It offers easy click in and out of the pole with the Trigger Loop. Made from high strength aluminium.

Hot Shot S | Length: 110 cm – 135 cm | Weight: 296 grams | RRP: £124.99

Stella S

Built for the characteristics of a woman’s slender hand, the grip and soft pole strap feature a thermal material to help keep fingers warm, even in low temperatures. You can remove the strap from the pole lightning fast with LEKI’s Trigger S system – making it a safe, convenient and comfortable alpine ski pole. Made from high-strength aluminium, the Stella S is one of the lightest alpine poles.

Stella S | Length: 105 cm – 125 cm | Weight: 207 grams | RRP: £82.99

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