Hansen secures another victory

Gyda Westvold Hansen is also the winner of the Individual Gundersen event of the Nordic Combined women in Oberstdorf, defending her lead in the Overall Summer Grand Prix standings. 

The Norwegian was already in the lead after the Ski Jumping competition on the Schattenbergschanze HS106 in Oberstdorf (GER) this morning.

Beneath a cloudy sky the Norwegian reached 97 meters in the morning and collected a total of 121 points on the normal hill. Therefore, she is the first one to start into the 5 km rollerski race tonight. 

Rank 2 after jumping went to Svenja Würth from Germany, who reached the furthest distance with 97.5 meters (117.5 pts) and will go into the course 14 seconds after Hansen. 

Her team mate Jenny Nowak (96.5 mts, 110.2 pts) placed third, 43 seconds behind the leader. 

Hansen defended her lead into the finish, while a tight fight for the other two podium spots took place behind her. 
Svenja Würth couldn’t keep up with the high speed of her competitors and fell back, while Ema Volavsek (+1:01.6 min) and Nathalie Armbruster (+1:01.9 min) went into the home stretch together, leaving Jenny Nowak behind. 

The Slovenian and the German completed the podium, only 0.3 sec apart, Hansen had the fastest skiing time on the 5km course. 

SJ Results: IG Women HS106/5km – 30.8.23 Oberstdorf
Results: IG Women HS106/5km – 30.8.23 Oberstdorf

Header image: Credit: Volk/NordicFocus

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