Green Ursern Valley: soon the Andermatt Swiss Alps forest will sprout

The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group is a new partner of the Ursern Forest and Climate Association; which runs a reforestation project in the Ursern Valley.

As part of the partnership, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group supports the association financially and with work in the forest. It contributes to environmental protection in the region and to climate protection in the long term.

The Ursern Valley has below-average forest cover. As historical documents and finds show, large areas were already deforested in the 11th century. The Ursern Forest and Climate Association wants to change this. Because the forest has many uses: it shapes the landscape, offers protection, is a habitat for animals, plants and fungi, preserves moisture and filters water and air. It also stores CO₂.

Andermatt Swiss Alps forest

In the next few years, the Andermatt Swiss Alps forest will be created in the Riedboden area in Hospental. As part of the partnership, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group finances seedlings – mainly spruce and larch are planted – and forest maintenance.

In the first few years in particular, this is very complex and at the same time essential to ensure the survival of the trees and thus enable a protective forest to develop over the years. In addition, planting operations are planned in which the employees of the group of companies also help with the reforestation themselves. The project lives on donations and volunteer work.

Resource wood

From another aspect, wood is also of great importance. Obtained from commercial forests, it plays a central role as a building material for Andermatt Swiss Alps. Andrea Müller, Real Estate Development Director, appreciates the numerous positive qualities of the natural building material.

He said: “Wood stores CO₂ and buildings made of wood have a shorter construction time. That is very convenient for us in Andermatt at 1,440 meters above sea level. Wood also offers good thermal insulation and creates a pleasant indoor climate. It can also be disposed of and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.”

In Andermatt Reuss, the apartment buildings are therefore being built more and more with wood. In addition, all buildings of Andermatt Swiss Alps are heated with climate-neutral district heating from wood chips.

Andermatt Responsible

The partnership with the Ursern Forest and Climate Association came about through the Andermatt Responsible initiative. This stands for climate-friendly tourism in the Andermatt region and aims to enable resource-saving tourism. The progress report Andermatt Responsible 2022 provides an overview of the current ESG projects, the environmental indicators and the CO₂ balance of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG.

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