Carolin Langenhorst takes a break from snowboarding

It’s academics over world-class snowboarding: Carolin Langenhorst will focus on her post-athletic career next season and will take a pause from World Cup events.

Having fulfilled her snowboarding dream with her first World Cup victory last season, Langenhorst, a raceboarder from WSV Bischofswiesen, will now drive her off-slope life plans forward, focusing on her studies and abstaining from participating in World Cup races this winter.

“Transitioning from a professional athlete to a full-time student is a significant change. In addition to my athletic goals, I’ve always planned to become a primary school teacher. Balancing university and snowboarding doesn’t work. If I don’t fully focus on the sport, I can’t compete at the front in the World Cup and meet my expectations. That’s why I’ve decided on this path,” said Langenhorst.

Langenhorst’s greatest triumph to date was celebrated in February in Scuol, Switzerland, when she achieved her first World Cup win.

The 27-year-old has also been dealing with pain in her left arm since a training fall in February. Despite a wrist fracture, Langenhorst completed the World Championship season. In the coming weeks, it will be determined whether surgery will be necessary for her injury.

Sports Director Andreas Scheid and Head Coach Paul Marks, who plan to work with Langenhorst towards the 2026 Olympic Games, support the raceboarder’s decision.

“Caro’s health is the number one priority: she must recover from her injury. The fact that she is extending her break to focus on her studies is something I fully support as a father of three daughters. As a sports director, you always want to have an athlete with podium potential at the start. However, I support the dual career approach and hope that Caro returns to the World Cup with even more motivation,” said Scheid.

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