blackcrows releases WOLF featuring freeskier Sam Favret

blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high performance ski products and apparel, has announced the release of WOLF, a short featuring freeskiing athlete Sam Favret.

WOLF is an unofficial sequel to FLOW, a film made during the pandemic in Chamonix. The yin and the yang. Less mechanical, and more poetic. Where FLOW praised a return to nature in its wild state, WOLF is the introspection of a skier searching for himself. It is abstract, like a visual concept, with a commitment to black and white.

“What motivated us most of all was to go and do something with all our friends once more,” said Max Moulin producer and editor. β€œIt was this close-knit team that went to Austria at the end of February, on a whim, following the front of a storm that announced beautiful snow.”

Favret is an authentic Chamonix native who was attracted to freestyle and big mountain skiing from inception. He started his career at the Chamonix ski club but quickly swapped styles for a long foray into the freesking circuit, with a world cup to his credit. Favret combines freeride and freestyle skiing and has many accolades including winning the Redbull Linecatcher in 2013 and the Swatch Skiers Cup in 2015. Last winter Favret passed his guide certification is a full-fledged guide, which allows him to work in the mountains without many limits.

As an actor and producer from an early age, Favret has made and been featured in a plethora of ski movies. Whether flying drones (Natural Mystic in 2019 or Flow in 2021), in the ice (Ice Call in 2014) or on the steep slopes of Chamonix, Alaska or Pakistan (Waking Dream, Hunza, Backyards Project), Favret has traveled the world and continues to skis some of the gnarliest peaks around.

Gear: β€œI rode Corvus at the beginning of the season to get in shape. I skied the Anima a lot, in good powder, in the choppy corn snow, even when I went on tours I jumped with them, I did everything. It’s a solid ski, but with a nice lightness for freeriding. For the guide course I skied the Mentis Freebird and spent the season with my signature Ora Xpore Modul jacket and pant, which you can see in the video,” said Favret. 

Skier: Sam Favret 

Directed by: Maxime Moulin 

Drone by: Hensli Sage

Screenplay – Jerome Llado

Voice over: Bird – Michael Shaffer

Photographer: Fabian Bodet

Producer: Sam Favret 

Produced by : Clustr.Films

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