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Two world premieres at Summer Grand Prix

The anticipation is building for the start of the Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix 2023, offering a blend of tradition and innovation through two world premieres.

The athletes are gearing up to participate in a series of nine competitions across three renowned venues. 

Therefore, the stage is set for a series of intense competitions that will keep fans at the edge of their seats.

From August 26th to 27th, Oberwiesenthal (GER) will serve as the inaugural host of the exhilarating event. Both genders are going to compete in an Individual Gundersen that will find its highlight in the run up to the Fichtelberg. The picturesque town, known for its winter sports legacy, will also present a world-first: The Mixed Team Sprint. This new format pairs a male and a female athlete from the same nation in a thrilling display of teamwork and strategy.

Furthermore, a FIS Youth Cup takes place, adding a special dimension for the young participants as they are cheered on by their esteemed role models of World Cup athletes. 

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The journey continues with a midweek-stop in Oberstdorf (GER), where the thrill of the sport reaches new heights. The city’s iconic Night Race course will provide a unique backdrop for two Individual Gundersen events. As the athletes showcase their skills under the moonlit sky, spectators can expect to witness a spectacle that captures the essence of Nordic Combined.

The grand finale of this year’s exhilarating Grand Prix will take place in Villach (AUT). As the athletes gather for the last showdown, fans can anticipate yet another unprecedented event: The Individual Compact. A new format including one jump and fixed starting times for the rollerski race. Additionally, Villach’s Alpenarena will crown the Overall winners of 2023, marking the culmination of 10 eventful days. 

For fans of Nordic Combined and those new to the sport, the Summer Grand Prix 2023 is an unmissable event combining tradition and innovation before the preparation for the World Cup season begins. The Event programs and schedules can be found in the FIS Calendar.

Header image: Credit: Volk/Nordic Focus

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