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Davos gears up for its first snowboard World Cup ahead of Christmas 2023

Davos, a renowned winter sports destination, is gearing up to host its inaugural FIS Snowboard Alpine World Cup competition on December 23rd, 2023.

A comprehensive site inspection was recently held to ensure seamless execution of the event, promising high adrenaline action right before the Christmas break.

The detailed on-site inspection was carried out in line with a robust preparation plan. Participants included representatives from the FIS, the organising committee, Swiss Ski, partners, TV, and other stakeholders and the key aspects discussed during the inspection included snow and piste maintenance, accommodation, marketing, communication as well as side events.

“It’s going to be a day event, parallel slalom on the 23rd, so close to Christmas. Our event in Davos will be the last World Cup before Christmas break and it will be a highlight event, generating a large viewership – both on site and in front of the TV screens,” said Uwe Beier, FIS Snowboard Race Director.

The location is perfect for this prestigious event: a short parallel slalom hill, ideally situated next to the train station in Davos, allowing attendees to step off the train and find themselves just 200 meters from the finish line. The competition ends right in the heart of the village, adding to the festive atmosphere of the event, which includes a free access concert nearby.

Swiss local rider, Dario Caviezel, will also be returning to his roots for the event. The Caviezel family is heavily involved in organising the competition, adding a warm, personal touch to the professional proceedings.

Beier expressed his enthusiasm for the motivated organisers: “We have a super motivated organiser in all areas from the snow preparation to competitions. They are experienced and have a good crew there.” He praised their independent spirit and their ambition to turn the event into a recurring feature on the snowboarding calendar, potentially developing into a classic tour staple in the next few years.

The Davos event promises to bring together not only the sports community but also the general public, ensuring a memorable experience for all. As preparations are underway, there is growing anticipation for what promises to be a unique, thrilling event set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

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