Unisex Helmet Allspeed Visor Impacts Photochromic

Visibility and impact coverage are top priorities for the Allspeed Visor IMPACTS ski helmet. It features our IMPACTS technology with a hardshell and multi-impact foam for enhanced all-around durability with no compromise to fit, weight or style. The built-in visor features a photochromic lens that automatically adjusts to meet the current light conditions. The Dial R-Fit adjustment system lets you fine tune the fit, while adjustable vents let you regulate your temperature based on the conditions.

Durable Protection
IMPACTS technology features expanded polypropylene to increase durability over the course of regular day-to-day use and help the helmet retain protective shock absorption properties longer

Full Coverage, Always the Right Tint
The Photochromic Visor integrates full-coverage eye protection into a streamlined helmet visor design that automatically adjusts to the light for all-conditions versatility and convenience

On-the-Fly Temperature Control
Adjustable active ventilation allows for on-the-fly temperature control and increased comfort

Comfort and Better Hearing
Earpads 2.0 feature padded comfort and warmth with holes for better hearing

Adjustable Fit
The Dial R-Fit system allows for an adjustable fit and is designed to maximize helmet comfort, support and protection

Glove-Friendly Buckle
FIDLOCK ultra-fast magnetic closure system for easy fastening and unfastening of your helmet buckle, even while wearing gloves

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