Panda Optics COBALT magnetic goggles – Blue

8 point magnetic lens changing technology. The strongest, quickest and most robust lens/frame structure on the market. “Pull off, snap on” change to your free HD low light lens in under 5 seconds.

Panda Optics Bold mirrored UV400+ protective polarised lens. Providing an even better visual display.

Fixed wide rig strap attachments give a sleek look and flawless helmet compatibility.

A flexible TPU frame with triple density foam provides a comfortable fit combined with a durable structure.

Price includes a second low light HD lens, storage box, cleaning cloth and microfiber bag.


– Mirrored Pear Green UV400+ polarised lens
– Maize yellow low light HD lens

– 8 point magnetic lens change system
– Integrated Guma® anti fog technology
– TPU grade 4 rigidity Frame

– 3-layer dual density foam with fleece finish
– Frameless design 
– Fully helmet compatible upper frame and strap attachments
– Twin silicone grip bands on inner strap

– OTG (over the glasses compatible) max frame width 119

– Moulded storage/packaging box

– Micro Fibre cleaning cloth and bag


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