goodr Snow G

goodr Snow G

goodr has a snow goggle!!! Introducing the Snow G…perfect for everyone from the bunny slope bomber to the double black diamond daredevil.

These gnarly snow goggles are anti-fog, anti-glare, and give you full UV400 protection on the slopes with an adjustable NO SLIP fit!!! Plus, they come with two magnetic polycarbonate lenses: one to protect you from harmful UV rays and glare of bright light and one for low light conditions, as well as a hard case to keep them safe when you’re not shreddin’. So, whether you’re a skier, a snowboarder, or hang out at the cabin and get blitzed on hot toddies champ, these Snow Gs are made for you!

1.  NO SLIP: Adjustable strap and silicone inner grip eliminate slippage when you’re carving the face of a snow-covered mountain.

2.  NO FOG: Anti-fog and anti-glare coating on dual PC lenses provide clear visibility so you can avoid trees and spot yetis.

3.  ALL CONDITIONS: UV400 protection and a magnetic lens securing system with an included swappable second lens for low light conditions.

4.  ALL FUN: 5 out of 5 80’s movie ski patrol villains said they would recommend shredding slopes in these gnarly awesome snow goggles.


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