Gear Review | Odlo Blackcomb Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top

Recently I caught up with Cara Brown, British Ski Champion and friend of Winter Insight, to talk through some of her top product reviews.

Cara is multiple GB Ski Champion & competed at the highest level for many years.

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Cara Brown, British Ski Champion

Read on for her recommendation of the Odlo Blackcomb Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top… 

Odlo Blackcomb Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top 

There’s a couple of things I like in a base layer: They need to be fitted and slightly longer than your average top, there’s nothing worse than your top bunching up under your jacket and then not being able to tuck it in to stop snow going down your backside! It also needs to keep me warm and dry quickly.

I don’t believe in the baselayers that say they are perfect for hot and cold. 99% of the time it’s cold when you’re skiing and for the times it’s not then I usually just go for a normal long sleeve sports top. I’ve never found a top that can magically alter its properties depending on the weather.

It needs to dry quickly for two reasons. Firstly, once I’ve walked across town in my boots carrying my skis, I’m going to be a little sweaty and I want to feel dry by the time I get to the top of the first gondola of the day. Secondly, you should be washing your thermals more often than you think you need which means that on a week holiday you’ll want a freshly washed set, hung to dry in your tiny, probably French, apartment ready to go the next morning.

Odlo thermals tick all the boxes on my baselayer list.

They also look super cute and have matching bottoms. Double win! 

Cara Brown is a professional Ski Racer & now coach. More information about Cara & her career can be found HERE

For more information visit ODLO’S Home Page

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