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Gogglesoc is a small company specialising in protecting the lenses of your Eyewear & since their launch in 2016 they are been using material made from recycled plastic bottles.

Their initial product, the Gogglesoc, has been joined by a few other products & the team at Gogglesoc sent me a few to check out.

Here’s the video review below, let us know what you think;

Short review of Gogglesoc’s products

Some of the prints are great, & their latest range is a selection of Piste maps, which is a nice idea.

Their latest range features Piste Maps graphics

The other products, especially the Visor Cover, are handy too. However, I have to say that my favourite aspect of this niche Brand is their ethos & approach to using Recycled materials & minimising environmental impact.

My personal favourite!

All information regarding Gogglesoc can be found on their website HERE.

For UK stockist information or to become one, you can contact the UK Agents, Noble Custom via their website HERE

You can even get your facemask from Gogglesoc too.

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