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In 1980, ORTOVOX revolutionized avalanche rescue with the development of the first double-frequency avalanche transceiver. With the new DIRACT models, ORTOVOX is now launching avalanche transceivers that quite literally point the way forward. The DIRACT VOICE is the FIRST AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVER with INTEGRATED VOICE NAVIGATION and was distinguished at the international sporting goods trade fair ISPO 2021 with not only the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award, but also with the PUBLIC CHOICE Award.

The DIRACT VOICE communicates in two ways: With 360° real-time visuals and CLEAR SYMBOLS, the EXTRA LARGE, FULL-GRAPHIC DISPLAY assists readability even in difficult lighting conditions. And the unique VOICE INSTRUCTIONS guide the searchers by means of CLEAR VERBAL COMMANDS. This not only optimizes guidance, but also reduces the user’s stress level and gives them a clearer overview: The voice has a calming effect and the searcher can concentrate on searching the snowfield.

In addition, the 2.3cm SLIM and 210g LIGHT DIRACT models are specially designed to be as INTUITIVE as possible: A BRIGHTLY COLORED, EASY-TO-USE TOGGLE SWITCH allows even inexperienced users to QUICKLY SWITCH from transmit to search. And a SINGLE OPERATING BUTTON can be used to flag avalanche victims.

Both the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE are equipped with patented SMART ANTENNA TECHNOLOGY. It analyzes the device location in the avalanche and AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHES TO THE BEST TRANSMITTING ANTENNA. This provides up to DOUBLE THE RANGE and the wearer can be found more quickly. The display is thus stable from first reception.

Both avalanche transceivers are RECHARGEABLE and thus LONG-LASTING AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Even at -20 °C, the LITHIUM-ION BATTERY will provide a reliable power supply – and unlike normal batteries, it will not leak. The carrying system for the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE is equipped with an integrated RECCO® REFLECTOR and provides QUICK ACCESS: the device is AUTOMATICALLY RELEASED upon opening.

Users can update the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE software and change settings via the ORTOVOX APP (iOS & Android). In addition, the app provides video instructions and options for personalization, registration and fleet management for organizations.

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