Atomic Revent L Stereo

See the mountain in stereo: Atomic’s Revent L Stereo goggles give you 100% clarity and 100% confidence to ski at your best.

With Atomic Revent L Stereo goggles, skiing’s never looked better. The Spherical Double Lens curves horizontally and vertically around your face for a complete field of vision, while our Live Fit Frame molds to the contours of your face to create a custom fit right out of the box.

And OTG Lite grooves mean you can wear them over prescription eyewear, no problem. Our Stereo Lens Technology gives you multiple layers of high-tech mirror coating.

Perfect clarity and glare protection? Check. Anti-scratch and anti-fog properties, as well as a durable coating that repels moisture, grease and dirt? Check. A lens that promises clear visibility, no matter the conditions? Check. Need we say more? No.


Anti-scratch Outer Lens (PC)

A hard coating with excellent anti-scratch properties so you’ll always have a clear view.

Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC)

Anti-fog properties helping you see better and ski better in all conditions.

Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam

Memory Face Foam + standard face foam + a quick-drying fabric layer. Instantly molds to your face.

Silicone-coated Strap

Silicone on the inside of your strap means it doesn’t move or ride up the back of your helmet.

Large Fit

For skiers with broader faces and skiers who prefer a roomier feel.


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